Bautischlerei Tressat GmbH

Bautischlerei Tressat GmbH

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Bautischlerei Tressat GmbH



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Bautischlerei Tressat GmbH
Segelfliegerdamm 87
124 87

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Cutting and sawing on work for wages bases

Textile production – work for wages based work in textile industry. Production done on work for wages bases – besides clothing. High frequency welding. Products – guard covers, textile and canvas bags, cases, propagation flags, banners, welded products – vacuum mattresses, thermoisolated covers.

Biological waste water treatment plants

Biological waste water treatment plants BIOX are standardly designed for sewage waters from housekeeping. We offer biological waste water treatment plants with a mode of low-loaded biomass, nitrification and with total aerobic stabilization of excess sludge.

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